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On this page are Frequently Asked Questions about Rebuses and Rebus Puzzles.

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 The History of Rebus

Children's Bible Isaiah Thomas ( 1788 ) In 1783, the English painter and engraver Thomas Bewick (Thomas Bewick) in London Publishing T.Hodzhsona (T.Hodgson) prints unusual Bible for children, in which event the Holy Scriptures retold in the form of riddles. Made so the Bible was called " hieroglyphics ". In it are some words from the text replaced pictures with the aim to retell the story in a direct, easy and fun way. A few years later , in 1788 , the American publisher of Isiah Thomas (Isaiah Thomas) publishes hieroglyphic Bible overseas. In the preface to his edition of Thomas is the first American hieroglyphic Bible as illustrated more than his English prototype. Such unusual hieroglyphic Bible have become very popular in the late XVIII century , it facilitates the teaching of Holy Scripture children. more ►

Rebus Puzzles

Rebus Puzzles

Free online Rebus Puzzles
Rebus Generator

Rebus Generator

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How to Solve a Rebus

How to Solve a Rebus

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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions
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