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On this page are Frequently Asked Questions about Rebuses and Rebus Puzzles.

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 The History of Rebus

Smiley rapid development of computer technology, information technology and telecommunications also been affected puzzles. At the turn of the century , with the growing popularity of mobile communication formed a special SMS- Slang, which was the main characteristic brevity. Literally it meant , the smaller the number of letters or characters - the better. That's why " language SMS" got all sorts of acronyms and abbreviations. With the growing popularity of the Internet and social networking is the direction in every way and transformed acquires new words. Here are just a few examples of modern computer slang : "cul8r" (see you later), "b4" (before), "gr8" (great). Like Rebus individual letters and numbers replace similar-sounding words and phrases. We should also mention the " emoticons " as a simple and effective means of expressing emotions , without which communication network is simply impossible to imagine ;) more ►

Rebus Puzzles

Rebus Puzzles

Free online Rebus Puzzles
Rebus Generator

Rebus Generator

Free online Rebus Maker
How to Solve a Rebus

How to Solve a Rebus

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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions
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